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Here are four key benefits of ceramic coatings:

What does a professional grade ceramic coating do to protect your car paint?

UV Protection

Prevent fading from the sun

Protect Against Chemical Elements

Protect your paint, fiberglass, or upholstery

Water Resistant

Ceramics are water resistant by nature

Bright Shine

Makes your car shine

UV Protection

Paints and fiberglass will bleach over time in direct sunlight, and even industrial-grade paint on your car is not immune to the strong rays of the sun. Over a long period, the paint on your car can slowly fade and fade due to prolonged UV exposure, especially if you live in a sunny climate. Ceramic coating can protect your car from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which helps retain the original tint of your paint job and makes your car look better in the sun for longer.
Car Coating Los Angeles CA

Protection Against Chemical Contaminants

Depending on where you live (and therefore drive your car), your vehicle can be exposed to everything from salt in the sea air to harsh de-icing chemicals on winter streets. Chemical irritants can cause significant damage to the exterior of your car and, if left untreated and maintained, can even cause permanent damage over time. A ceramic automotive coating creates a strong protective layer on the exterior of your vehicle that acts as a barrier between your paint and the harsh chemicals in your driving environment. Its ceramic coating will protect your car for longer and against more powerful contaminants than wax alone.

Water Resistant and Easy to Clean

A good ceramic coating is hydrophobic by its very nature, helping to repel rainwater and other moisture and preventing it from leaving unsightly and harmful residue on the surface of your car. As a result, not only is your car less likely to show dirt and debris between cleanings, but it is much easier to clean when the time comes. Ceramic coatings are smooth and prevent dirt from sticking, keeping the car clean and fresh longer and helping it retain its color and shine.

Bright Shine

Ceramic coatings are clear films that create an opaque barrier between your paint job and the dirty particles in the world around your car. Ultimately, the only thing that dulls the glossy look of your finish is dirt that discolors the paint and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Because a ceramic coating keeps your car free of dirt and debris for longer than wax alone, its finish remains blemish-free and can proudly reflect light with its original color and shine.