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UV Rays Protection

The increased resistance to UV rays and weather conditions

Easy to remove

Easier removal for when you sell or trade in your car


Cost effectiveness compared to other tints

What is Ceramic Film?

Ceramic films are a clear protective layer that is applied to the car windows. It applies an additional layer of protection from UV rays, scratches, and chipping paint on the window surface. This film comes in two layers: a clear adhesive layer and a plastic protective sheet with a laser-cut grid attached to it.

The adhesive side is applied to the window surface and is sealed with a protective layer. The adhesive layer is specially designed to fully bond with the surface of the window. The other side has a laser-cut grid that has been applied to provide an airtight seal when lifted. This prevents the paint from getting damaged and increases its resistance to UV rays and weather conditions.

Ceramic film is very popular due to its cost-effectiveness and durability, as well as ease of installation and removal. The protective layer doesn’t affect the appearance of the car or windows and even looks like a part of your car’s original design.

Ceramic Film Los Angeles CA

Why Use Ceramic Film?

There are several reasons why many people choose to apply this type of film to their cars, including:

  • The increased resistance to UV rays and weather conditions
  • Easier removal for when you sell or trade-in your car
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to other tints
  • The superior clarity of the film
  • You can still use your sun visor or let your kids ride in your backseat without any effects on the film

What are the benefits of using ceramic films?

There are many benefits to using automotive films. These films help to maintain the value of your car by protecting the windows from damage caused by scratches, chips, and fading due to sun exposure. Not only do these films protect your window surfaces but they also give you a clear view of the road while providing exceptional vision for nighttime driving. They enhance the look of your car adding a sleek and stylish aesthetic. These films also provide security for your vehicle by making the windows difficult to break into with common tools. Don’t forget about the heat protection factor which can help keep your car cooler during hot weather. Another benefit to consider is the electrical accessories that are available for these films. These include items such as defrosters, shades, and more.

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